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Nothing says wanker more than the words Life Coach.  Sure ... Bun Lek Solutions could charge you big $$$ to email you daily positive sayings or movies that a simple Google or YouTube search could give you for free.  We could even charge you for advise that we have read from other books like The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Covey.  Charging people for pithy sayings is not what we are about.

We at Bun Lek Solutions believe actions speak louder than words.  Each activity is a journey.  Not all people are the same so we offer a variety of different journeys to try ranging from the sporty water type activities to the more relaxing agricultural activities.  Our professional staff are outstanding in their respective fields and will help support and empower you to achieve the most out of your chosen activity.  Discover how fun life can really be and choose one of our activities now.  All you've got to lose is that frown!!



Join the experienced crew of Bun Lek for an action packed days fishing around the beautiful waters of Palm Island and the surrounding reefs. With over 20 years experience of fishing these tropical waters our crew can give you the best tips to maximise your chances of hook ups. Try your luck trailing for Spanish Mackerel or bottom bashing for Nannygai. All tackle, bait and rods are provided - all you need to bring is the muscle to bring them aboard.

If spearfishing is more your style then spear with the best. Our experienced team have dived every inch of the Palm Island group and use this local knowledge to put you onto the right spot to catch your targeted prey. Dive our phenomenal reefs for coral trout, red emperor, crayfish and the pelagics like mackerel and trevally. Learn traditional Indigenous styles of diving or improve your diving with our expert coaching tips.

All our packages can be fully tailored to suit your needs taking into account your experience, desired species, locations, trip duration and dates.


Whale Watching


For the ultimate whale watching experience jump aboard Bun Lek for an exhilarating, interactive adventure with the mighty Humpback Whale. Watch in awe as whales indulge in some playful antics, powerful breaches and friendly up close and personal activity in their aquatic playground. These majestic and curious creatures migrate past the Palm Group every year between June and September. Since our first voyage we have had thousands of whale sightings and hundreds of happy customers. Guests will learn all there is to know about the Humpback Whale thanks to our on-board graduate marine educators .


Water Sports


There are few better ways to explore the coastline and islands of the Palm Island Group than in a sea kayak. The close proximity to nature that kayaks allow gives detailed insights into the environment both above and below the water. We often have amazing encounters with dolphins, whales, turtles and other marine life while paddling around and over some of the most diverse reef in the world. Add to your adventure by bringing your snorkelling gear and explore the reef from close up.

For those that want to try something different a quick lesson from the helpful team at Bun Lek Solutions , a little puff of wind and before you know it you will be windsurfing across the waves and taking in the blissful beach surroundings at Butler Bay. The bay is protected from the waves by an inshore reef but receives strong offshore breezes to power your board and get the adrenaline flowing through your vains.

Hiking & Bushfoods

Palm Island has an extraordinary number of walking trails, from those that ramble through tropical rainforest to trekking rocky outcrops into secluded bays. Awaken your senses while you enter a world of ancient traditions, as seen through the eyes of your Indigenous guide. Learn about bush tucker, medicines and seasonality as you undertake a journey of discovery, walking on traditional lands. Over many thousands of years Aboriginal people have perfected the skill of obtaining and preparing these natural materials into edible foods.  Our Indigenous guides will share stories that are associated to foods and places visited having been passed on down through the generations since the beginning of time.


Financial Services


Bun Lek Solutions works with you in partnership to:

  • Understand where you are financially

  • Provide clarity to your goals and aspirations

  • Develop your financial blueprint to work towards your lifestyle objectives

  • Be a financial lifestyle coach, continually monitoring and fine-tuning your programme to meet changing personal and market conditions

  • Be there as a sounding board for intended financial commitments and plans

  • Measure your financial risk profile and match strategies and investments to this

  • Have financial knowledge to offer strategic options and recommendations

  • Demystify financial jargon and embark on a journey of financial knowledge sharing

  • Provide final solutions

  • Research the myriad of investment solutions available to cull and select appropriate investments to fit in with your strategies

  • Continually monitor investments and recommend changes to improve your portfolio where necessary


Gardening has many health and therapeutic benefits and can be very enjoyable. It's an activity that everyone can enjoy. People with disabilities, seniors and children can find it especially rewarding to spend time in the garden tending plants and growing their own food. With Bun Lek Solutions we can help you to create an interesting, productive and pleasant space that can be used as an edible garden.
There is also a growing interest across a range of disciplines in the relationship between animals and health, with a range of therapeutic, physiological, psychological and psychosocial benefits now documented. Let 
Bun Lek Solutions take you through a range of agricultural options that will lead to a healthier, balanced lifestyle. Our consultants will devise a project that suits both you and your environment and will aide in physical and mental health outcomes. Discover these benefits for yourself now.


Community Development


At Bun Lek Solutions we are fully aware of our ethical responsibilities to the individual and community at large. All of our activities offered are linked in some way to our Community Development Fund. This fund supports community based organisations and individuals who are in need of a helping hand.

We do this in various ways. Our Fishing activities give away 75% of the catch to organisations such as the Sandra Boyd Nursing Home and other needy individuals free of charge. We participate in all community events and offer support where necessary. At 
Bun Lek Solutions we promote Indigenous culture and cross cultural learning with all of our clients and the community. We challenge stereotypes and misunderstandings that people from differing cultures may have. Participation in our activities will have a lasting impact on your life.

Conservation Research


The Gundy Dance Troope

3 Time Australian Champs

The Palm Island Group (and neighbouring Coral Sea) is known to have the greatest diversity of coral reefs on earth and visitors come from all parts of the world to experience the wonder of its waters, islands, corals, fish and birds. Bun Lek Solutions is even more privileged as Palm Island is our home, the Great Barrier Reef is our neighbouring environment and our place of work & recreation. We are conscious of our responsibility to protect this asset now and into the future and we do this through conservation and research.

Bun Lek Solutions supports the following projects both financially and with the collection of data:
Sea Turtle Research - Identification and protection of nesting sites
Sea Grass Studies - Collecting data on species and growth rates

Mackerel Studies - Research for a sustainable fishery
Whale Research - Collecting data on populations
Education Programs - Educating our future custodians
Feral pig eradication

In conjunction with these projects, Bun Lek Solutions aims to reduce our Carbon Footprint by:
Offsetting omissions by contributing to revegetation projects.
Investing in Alternative Energy companies such as Geothermal companies
Practicing energy efficiency



Nowadays there are more parties and events than ever before. Bun Lek Solutions excels in formulating & executing exciting new concepts. Whilst building a strong trustworthy relationship with you we will fully understand what you really want from us. We listen to your requests and are flexible enough to offer various tangible solutions to tailor events to your exact requirements. We work closely with our trustworthy vendors, ensuring that specialised support is available on hand whenever needed. Our refined event planning & event management techniques will save you time and wasteful funds, prioritising your essential requirements while our vast network options will broaden your opportunities in securing the right venue(s) and suppliers.

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