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As a resident of India I have studied Yoga and Transcendental Meditation in the best Ashrams our country has produced.  My goal was to attain a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquillity. Soon after arriving in Australian my spirits began to weaken.  As luck would have it  I had the opportunity to go on a fishing trip with Bun Lek Solutions.  Instantly my spirit was rejuvenated but the feelings awakened in me were stronger than anything I had experienced back home in India.  The team and the environment they work in has shown me that there is more to life than just stretching and humming mantras.  When I inherit my family's rubber plantations and tourist resorts I hope to add their company to our group.

Thomas Peedikayil Thomas


I’m a Principal of a large school so I encounter all types of stress daily.  These stresses slowly built up in my system causing me to become ill.  My eating was affected and as a result I was gaining way too much weight. My fitness suffered and my general mental health deteriorated.  It was around this time that I started to flirt with White Nationalist groups and ironically found myself in a dark place. Then I was introduced to Bun Lek Solutions.  The friendly team sat with me and helped to devise a program that would let me regain control of my life. Straight up I noticed that I became a lot more resilient.  I also gained a deep appreciation for community service and Indigenous culture, so much so that I married a First Nations Person. They challenged my understanding of dealing with people and now I find I can deal with idiots appropriately.  I am so sold on their approach that I try to get back for top up sessions but failing that I know they are only a text message away. I have no problem recommending them to everyone I come in contact with.

Ray Armit


When I left my mountain village in Papua New Guinea and came to Australia as a young boy all I wanted to ever do was to own a small plot of land that could hold a few betel nut and banana trees and also some pigs.  Then as I got older this dream grew into wanting a marijuana plantation and all the trappings of the life that goes with it.  But they were just the dreams of a poor black lad with no money to his name.  Then by pure accident I came across Bun Lek Solutions.  Their unique approach seemed to get through to me and my life has taken a turn for the better.  No longer do I dream about things I don’t have but instead live the dream I have created.  I’m now married to a great girl and we have 2 fantastic children.  I own and operate my own thriving electrical company that has a staff of young men I try to mentor.  I own multiple houses, vehicles, boats, extensive share portfolio, ivory Harry Potter chess set and want for nothing.  Who would have thought that the young boy who came to Australia all those years ago would get to know Sir Richard Branson.  Thankyou Bun Lek Solutions – I owe you big time!!

Jason Healey

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